What's All This Then?!

Hi I'm Shawn and I like to write about movies, video games and pop culture in general! I was writing for a site called Total Action Adventure and now I'm writing on this site. I made it with Squarespace because every podcast in history was telling me I should use Squarespace so it's time to see if they know what they're talking about. This site is called Entertainment for Days because I needed a name that hadn't already been taken and this fit that criteria. It's starting to grow on me though and I hope it starts to grow on you too as you check back every hour on the hour to see what sorts of amazing things are occurring!

You can find everything I once wrote for Total Action Adventure in the Archives sections. I made no effort to update any of them so you can still read them in their typo filled glory! Can I insert videos into this template? Let's see...

Ha! I totally can! Ok you should listen that music while you search around the site. It will go well with that random Threed map I have up above. And yes you're right, this is the piece of music to ever appear in a video game.