Thoughts on Nintendo's E3 2010 Conference

Nintendo always comes under the most scrunity with their press conferences. People always have such sky high expectations that it’s near impossible for Nintendo to ever meet them. Plus their usual focus on the casual crowd doesn’t help matters either. So how do I think they fared this year? Read on and find out.

Nintendo brought out the big guns early by starting the show with a look at the new Zelda, subtitled Skyward Sword. We got a live demo of it from Miyamoto and despite some hiccups with the wireless, causing Link to spin in circles, the game looks pretty good. Very Zelda. Of course the big new focus is on motion plus and it looks like they’re going to implement it well. The one downside is that the game is no longer scheduled for release this year.

Next up was a quick glance at Mario Sports Mix, which looks to include Volleyball, Hockey, Dodgeball and Basketball. I’m just glad they combined all of these into one game. Looks like a great deal of fun.

Golden Sun DS now has a subtitle, Dark Dawn. I have not played the original games, but I know they have a lot of fans so it’s pretty awesome that the franchise is back.

Keeping the golden motif we got a look at a new Goldeneye for the Wii. They said it was a new game but it looks more like a hybrid of the old game with a lot of new material. The most glaring change is that now you play as Daniel Craig as opposed to Pierce Brosnan. They had me at online multiplayer though, so you can have me play as whoever the hell you want.

Wii Party…well it looks like Mario Party with Miis and will no doubt sell 18 billion copies. I’ll check it out, but this ranks near the bottom of my excitement list out of everything that was announced.

However it can’t quite get the absolute bottom spot because that honour belongs to Just Dance 2. The success of the first game is a baffling occurrence that quite literally nobody can explain. A sequel was inevitable, though it’s hard to imagine that people out there are legitimately excited about this.

We got an indepth look at Disney Epic Mickey which looks pretty awesome actually. I love that Steamboat Mickey is in there and it seems like they found an interesting hook with the paint/erase themed game play. I’m actually way more excited about this one now.

Until here I was pretty content with everything we were being shown, but at this point the conference took such a left turn into straight up awesomeness that my head damn near exploded.

First up, new Kirby. Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Kind of a dumb name but the game looked pretty damn cool. They completely changed the art style and it looks like the game play is radically different as well. It has a sort of weird Paper Mario-ish mechanic where Kirby can interact with the background as though it were a page, and although it is still clearly a Kirby game, I’m intrigued by the route they seem to be going.

Now new Kirby was pretty cool, but Nintendo wasn’t satisfied there. They went a step further, said “how about this fuckers?!” and threw out a new god damn Donkey Kong Country game! DKC is easily one of my favourite franchises of all time, so I am absolutely giddy at the thought of a new one. No lie, I lept off the damn couch when they announced it. I maybe danced a little too, I don’t remember. Either way it was embarrassing, but completely called for.

Next up was the 3DS. They spent a lot of time talking about how great it is, but unfortunately they weren’t really able to show off the techonology on stage. Everyone in the crowd got to try it out, so I’m sure we’ll have some testimonials soon, but in the meantime we at home will just have to take Nintendo’s word on it. They did reveal that you can watch 3D movies and take 3D pictures, which again sounds cool, but until we see it, it’s hard to say.

As cool as the hardware no doubt is, what really did it were the games. Things kicked off with a look at Kid Icarus Uprising! The first thing to note is how impressive the graphics looked. If nobody told you it was the DS, you would no doubt assume it was a console game. The game itself seems to have a third person action adventure game, and personally, I am very excited.

We didn’t get any more game footage for other 3DS titles, but they did list a lot of them, including: Nintendogs + Cats, Resident Evil, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Professor Layton, and tons more. No pricing or release dates announced, but even before seeing the 3D effect, I already plan on getting me one of those.

Overall I think Nintendo fucking nailed it. Aside from Wii Party and Just Dance 2, they didn’t really focus on the casual market much, and announced tons of new games based on classic franchises, completely going against two of the main complaints people always have. I personally can’t wait to play just about every game they showed. Good job Nintendo!

Nintendo – 9/10