Thoughts on Sony's E3 2010 Conference

First of all, yes that is an old picture, and yes I was too lazy to go and find a new one.

Sony brings a close to the large press conferences. Did they save the best for last? I’ll give you a hint…no they did not.

I don’t really want to do the chronological breakdown again so let’s just free form this shall we. As expected, we got a lot of talk about 3D. It seems the majority of the large titles will have 3D incorporated. Of course not at all being able to afford a 3D TV renders the first 20 minutes of this show a little meaningless to me. I get why they’re showing it off and I get why people are excited, but for the time being I’ll just have to trust it really is as good as they say because I won’t be able to see it myself for a long, long time.

Also not a surprise, lots of talk about the Move. We see a lot of the games we already knew about, and it seems like they are making an effort to back and implement Move in already released games, such as Heavy Rain. The hardware definitely looks pretty cool, and I’m certainly intrigued. However, in a break of pace from the other conferences, Sony actually announced prices for the product. It was almost funny when the initial announcement of the Move controller being 50 dollars got such a huge round of applause, only for immediate silence to fall once it was followed by the announcement that the required attachment controller would be sold for an additional 30 dollars. There’s a bundle for 100 but it doesn’t seem to come with the attachment, just the Eye (required to use Move) a game and the main Move controller. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that could very well be a deal breaker.

Oh and between all this Kevin Butler showed up to mock Microsoft and just generally be awesome. Whatever they are paying that guy, it isn’t enough.

Quite a bit of focus on the PSP, although just on games, no new hardware iterations this time around. They seem almost desperate to convince us that the PSP will receive a ton of attention, with the promise of 70 games between now and the end of the year. I recall a similar promise last year with some underwhelming results, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally we got to some games. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the important goings-on:

  •  Little Big Planet 2 looks fun and adds grappling hooks to the mix.
  • Portal 2 is coming to PS3 which is both neat and funny considering how much shit Valve has talked about the system in the past, a fact that was humorously acknowledged.
  • Dead Space 2 will have a Move enabled version of Dead Space Extraction for the PS3. So congrats on that one Sony, you just stole at least one sale away from the 360 version.
  • Medal of Honor will have a remade Medal of Honor Frontline only on PS3. Again, well played Sony. I didn’t even plan on buying the game but that might have just pushed me over the edge.
  • Infamous 2 is indeed coming, and the main character looks like he can control ice now as well as electricity. Caaaaan’t waaaaaaiiiit! Is that the same guy from the first game though? I almost couldn’t tell.
  • New Twisted Metal! Very very cool.
  • Gran Turismo 5 will finally see the light of day this November.

I believe that was all the biggies. Definitely some pretty cool stuff in there, but overall the show was a little dull, at least until those final 20 minutes or so. Kevin Butler brought the awesome and there were some cool announcements, but that first hour of 3D and Move was just not very engaging. Aside from Twisted Metal, there were no real surprise announcements, and even that game has been rumored for a while. All in all, decent.

Update: I won't lie, I was in a pisser of a mood while watching the Sony Conference which perhaps affected my views. Going back and looking at it again, there was actually some pretty cool stuff happening, ergo my overall score has changed to reflect that. 

Sony – 7.5/10