Remembering Ryan Davis

Yes I know I'm a few days late with this as news of Ryan's passing broke on Monday, July 8th, but there was no way that I wasn't going to write anything at all.

I've been aware of Ryan Davis since back during his Gamespot days, but it wasn't until he and Jeff Gerstmann launched Giant Bomb that I became a legitimate fan. From that point forward, I digested every piece of content the site released. I have never missed an episode of the bombcast, I watch every live show I'm around for (and will often seek out the archived versions of the ones I'm unable to watch as they happen) and the list goes on. It quickly became my favourite site, and has remained in the top spot to this day.

While there is no member of the site I'm not a fan of, Ryan was always my favourite. He was ridiculously funny, had an appreciate for all sorts of dumb things, and could rage like nobody's business. He also made for a great host as he was energetic, charismatic, and very well spoken. He was always an engaging person to watch no matter the situation.

I will also admit that in the past, Giant Bomb is a site I have gone to when life was being a bastard. Nothing would pick me up faster than videos such as the quick looks for Darkest of Days, Dragonball Evolution or Rogue Warrior. I have seen each of those dozens of times and they never fail to make me laugh just as hard as my first viewing.

News of Ryan's passing hit me far harder than I could have expected as he is a person I have never met or interacted with on any level. Of course death is always a tragedy but the fact that he was only 34 and had gotten married only days prior to his passing, makes the whole thing seem cruel. I have no idea where Giant Bomb goes from here, but I will definitely be sticking with them to see.

RIP Ryan Davis. You will be missed good Sir.