Band Hero - Playstation 3

Man, at this moment I really wish I had written a full review for Guitar Hero 5. It would make the Band Hero review so much easier. All I would have to write is “it’s everything I said there, but with way more pink” and BOOM, review is finished.

Sadly I never did write that GH5 review so I have to say just a little bit more than that here. Not much more though, because in all honesty, there really isn’t all that much to say.

By this point there is almost no point in reviewing a music game since we all know how the formula works. The one exception is maybe something new like DJ Hero, which I actually do have and yet never reviewed…because I’m fucking crazy like that.

You already know if you like this kind of game or not so there’s no worries there. The gameplay has not changed. If you’ve played any recent Guitar Hero (or Rock Band) game you know how it all works. So all you have to do really is look at the track list and if you like the majority of the songs then you my friend are good to go.

We actually have a story (probably still on this main page because we suck at updating) which lists all of the songs in the game so just go check that out and that’s everything you need to do. Then you should read every other article on the site, just to be safe.

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about Band Hero.

……you’re still here? I figured we were done. I…I don’t know how much more I have to say about this game. I guess since you hung around I will try and come up with some more but you owe me a sugar donut afterwards.

Remember earlier when I mentioned how very little had changed from previous Guitar Hero games? If you don’t you should be concerned. Anyway, that is actually my biggest complaint about Band Hero.

The title indicates that Activision is trying to start a completely new franchise with this one. However aside from the new name and the previously mentioned overabundant use of the colour pink, they haven’t actually done a single new thing here. There is absolutely no reason this couldn’t have just been called “Guitar Hero: Pop Hits” or “Guitar Hero: Tween” or “Guitar Hero: Taylor Swift Out The Ass” or what have you.

This game really is just a slightly reskinned Guitar Hero 5. The features are the same, the menus/overall presentation is basically the same, everything about it looks exactly like GH5. There are still song specific challenges for each track, which I’m actually ok with since that was one of my favourite parts of GH5. Even the music studio is still called “GHTunes”. Was it really that hard to just change the ‘G’ to a ‘B’?! I mean that would be at least something right?! My god people at least make it look like you’re trying.

Really though, this is in no way a new franchise. This is basically a glorified track pack. I mean sure the characters do look a touch more emo and of course, there’s all the pink. Oh and you perform songs in a mall and in space, and I don’t believe you could do that in GH5. So maybe it really is a completely different game after all.

I'll be honest, I have no idea if these images are even from Band Hero, that's how similar it looks to GH5

The song list is pretty hit or miss, as they usually are. Some songs are simply not meant to be played as a full band *stares at Wannabe, then punches it for good measure* , while others are already available in other music games, which is becoming more and more common. There are still some highlights and some guilty pleasures to be found throughout the track list (I was eerily excited about the presence of Mr. Roboto) but there are just a few too many weak entries here.

For the record you do have the option to import songs from Guitar Hero World Tour, Smash Hits and 5 into this game. You can also go vice versa and throw these songs back at them. You’re probably asking if that means you can make Kurt Cobain sing songs like YMCA and ABC by the Jackson 5? Well a quick trip over to YouTube will give you the terrifying answer.

All that said, I didn’t hate the game. I like a decent chunk of the songs and the game play is still fun and familiar, so it’s hard to flat out dislike the thing. I’m just disappointed at the complete lack of effort that was placed into making this a separate entity from the Guitar Hero series. It may be a complete and utter  blatant sell-out, but at least it can be a pretty fun one.