Dark Void Zero - DSiWare

I’m going to put this out here as a short companion piece to my Dark Void review. I’ll keep this simple – if you own a DSi and have not downloaded Dark Void Zero, I’m not certain I want you on my planet.

Zero is Capcom’s attempt to recreate the classic 8-bit titles and they have once again proven (as if Mega Man 9 left any doubt) they are the masters at this. Zero is a great throwback and a ton of fun. It features great music, addicting gameplay and is a steal at only 5 dollars. It’s a touch on the short side but I can see myself revisiting this one, unlike its console big brother.

I’m just going to say it – I enjoyed this game a great deal more than I enjoyed Dark Void. It’s just a lot more fun, what can I say. So there you go, bigger never means better. Get this game.