God of War III - Playstation 3

2010 you have to ease up. I…I just can’t keep up with you anymore. I was doing ok for a while there in the beginning. But now I just can’t do it. You have to stop releasing great games for even just a week! Just give me one week off! I haven’t even got to touch Mass Effect 2, and Final Fantasy XIII is going largely ignored. Not to mention all the 2009-1998 games I have sitting around waiting to get some attention as well. 2010, you are such a fucking hog, but I still love you.

You can add God of War III to the ever-growing list of fantastic 2010 games. It really has gotten overwhelming at this point. I almost need to rent something terrible because it might be good to bash on something instead of constantly gushing over everything I play. So stay tuned for my review of Build a Bear Workshop or fuckin’ Sushi Go Round. That should be fun. In the meantime though I guess we’re stuck with the greatness of God of War III.

First off, I think we can all agree that the God of War series definitely know how to open up a game. Many games start with a tutorial or some training or something similar before the action really gears up. God of War says fuck all that and throws a giant horse crab at you within the first two minutes. It will still teach you how to play the game, you’ll just have to learn that shit while fighting horse-crab. It’s a terrific opening set piece that immediately grabs you and sets up the ride you’re in for. It’s so good you start wondering how the hell the game could ever top it. Then it shows you.

God of War III is constantly trying to up itself in terms of size and scale. Some of the sequences are incredible to behold. It reminded me of a comment I made about Uncharted 2 (did I ever actually review that game? Seems weird if I didn’t. UPDATE: I just checked and I did not review it. That’s weird.). Many other games would simply present these sequences as cut scenes. Not God of War. It slaps you right in the middle of all the insanity and gives you complete control. These are some of the largest battles I’ve seen put in a video game, and the fact that you are a participant rather than a viewer is key to making the experience that much more memorable.

Of course the game isn’t just one giant set piece after another and the game does have some calmer stretches. Of course these calm moments still involve slicing open a Cerberus dog or stabbing a Minotaur in the mouth. They’re really only calm in the sense that you’re doing this inside of a hallway instead of while clinging to the back of a Titan.

The combat will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played the previous games. Light attack, heavy attack, you know how it all works by now. There are some cool additions thrown in there. My personal favourite new move is when you grab an enemy and then use him as a battering ram while you run through hordes of other enemies. Very satisfying. Overall though the game doesn’t make any huge leaps forward with its combat system, but it’s a system that works so damn well that you really don’t mind at all.

The quick time events of course also make a comeback. I wasn’t as excited about their return. Of course they are a staple of the series and you couldn’t really have a God of War game without them, but I think I’ve got a little burned out on the concept of them. I don’t really blame God of War for this however. I blame the thousands of other games who have tried the exact same thing. They are implemented very well here, although it ‘s a tad strange that all of the button prompts appear on the sides of the screen. At first I didn’t even notice they were over there. Most of the times they try and work the prompts into the action but here it’s like they didn’t even bother. It’s a small complaint to be sure, but those are the only kind of complaints I have with this game.

Seriously all I have are nitpicks. For example, I still don’t like how opening chests works. It feels clunky. See that? That’s the best I can even come up with! You know a game is good when the only complaints I really have about it are that the QTE buttons are situated weird and opening chests could be better. And it’s a bit on the short side, which barely counts because I know damn well I will be playing through this game again, and likely soon.

There’s really no reason to continue here, the game is great and you’re probably only reading this while taking a break from playing it. You can find flaws sure, but there are so small and irrelevant that they take nothing away from the overall experience, which is simply fantastic.