Green Day Rock Band - Playstation 3

You know, now that I’m actually sitting down to write a review of Green Day Rock Band it does seem a little pointless. Most reviews have already said this but it really does come down completely to whether or not you like Green Day, and whether or not you are completely burned out on the whole music game genre. If you like the band and you like the Rock Band games, you really have no reason not to get this one.

I could easily stop there but I suppose I should dish out a few more details.

Even as a big Green Day fan I was a little surprised when I heard they would be getting their own game. After Rock Band The Beatles was released people were wondering which band would be next, with many naming Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones or any number of bands. I can’t remember anyone ever saying Green Day. As surprising as the announcement may have been, I was still pretty excited about it and eager to give it a try. Now that I’ve actually played the game I can say that Green Day actually is quite deserving of their own Rock Band title.

Much of the overall layout and presentation is taken straight from Rock Band The Beatles. The main mode of play is Career, which as expected takes you chronologically through Green Day’s career, from the days of Dookie (no songs prior to that album unfortunately) straight up until last year’s 21st Century Breakdown. There are only three venues, which is a little disappointing, but at least they chose the most important ones.

Earning stars on each song unlocks a whole mess of photos of the band. You can also unlock challenges, which involve playing several songs in a row, as well as playing through full albums. Earning enough stars on these challenges unlocks videos of the band which will be appreciated by just about any Green Day fans. Seeing videos from 15 years ago makes me feel both nostalgic and old. I remember those times a little too clearly to say it was well over a decade ago.

In terms of game play modes, that pretty much sums it up. Of course you also have quickplay, and online, but there aren’t a whole lot of options when you really look at it. Thankfully the career is pretty substantial and if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy playing the songs enough to want to go through the career with each instrument.

Even I’m a little surprised at how much fun it is to play these songs. You expect a lot of them to be a little on the repetitive or even simple side, but for the most part that is not the case. A great deal of them are very challenging (Peacemaker on drums will demolish both your arms and your self esteem) and even the easy ones are still a good time. This is also one of the few music games where I never encountered a song I didn’t want to play. In fact after unlocking a new set list, I would look through the song selection and actually have difficulty deciding which one I wanted to play first. I could have fired up Longview, played it once on Guitar, shut the game off, and still have walked away satisfied.

Even better is that most of the songs are fun no matter which instrument you choose. I even enjoyed the singing, which I normally can’t get far enough away from. The three part harmonies are also carried over from Beatles and are used in far more songs than I expected. It’s a little strange that technically a full band now requires six people (soon seven once the keyboard graces us with its presence) but at least more people can get involved.

My one issue, and this is one that has been with me since before even playing the game, is that I really do wish there were more songs in the game. Yes the ones they chose are wise choices, but there is a lot of material that isn’t being represented here. Granted I wouldn’t have been completely satisfied unless they came right out and said, “The set list will contain every single Green Day song ever released ever!” At least the songs that are there are all good selections, but it’s still kind of a bummer knowing they are the only songs we’ll ever have.

I guess really what else is there to say? I could have stopped writing this review after that very first paragraph. There is a lot of content here if you’re a Green Day fan. There are photos and videos to unlock, and a set list full of fun songs. If you like Green Day then I’m sure you’ve already bought this and you were right to do it. If you don’t like them, I’m confused why you even clicked on this article.