Dead Rising 2: Case West - Xbox Live Arcade

Dead Rising Case Zero I felt was the perfect amount of Dead Rising. It lasted only a few hours and during that time it gave you everything you would expect from the Dead Rising experience. By the time I was finished with it, I felt satisfied. Not long after its release Dead Rising 2 hit shelves and by the time I was finished with that one, I felt more or less done.

Case West intrigued me but I wasn’t sure I was quite ready to dive back into the world of Dead Rising already. It was a spur of the moment purchase while Curtis and I were trying to decide what to play.

In the end do I regret this purchase?

Case West does very little different from the Dead Rising formula. The biggest hook is that if you have a second player, one of you will be Chuck Greene and the other will be Frank West, who is of course the war covering protagonist from the first Dead Rising. Aside from a few alternate moves, Frank plays largely the same as Chuck. The other addition is that each character now has the ability to take pictures, although after taking one to earn an achievement, I found I never used this feature again. For those that missed it from the second game however, it’s a nice touch that it’s there.

You do get a new location as well but to be honest it’s not all that interesting. The game takes place within a Zombrex manufacturing plant, which means you get a lot of similar looking laboratory and warehouse environments. Oh and a cafeteria. Visually it’s simply not very interesting, especially following the small town setting of Case Zero.

Also in the list of new additions are a handful of new weapon combinations. Some are quite fun, such as the Impact Hammer and the Laser Gun (which requires combining a total of four items), but the majority are a little underwhelming. They’re fun to use once but none of them stand out as being worth seeking out.

That may sound like a lot of complaints but here’s the thing – it’s still a lot of fun. It’s another bite sized helping of Dead Rising, which it turns out is how I prefer it. It does away with the primary issues I have with DR2 such as the majority of the boss fights, the frequent progress loss (almost always due to the aforementioned boss fights) and escorting survivors back to the safehouse, which thankfully does not need to be done here. Instead you are offered the purest of Dead Rising experiences. You grab some weapons and kill some god-damn zombies. That’s what I enjoy the most about DR, and that is what’s being offered in Case West. This is especially true with co-op, which is definitely the best way to play through this game.

In the end there is not a whole lot more to say. Case West does not stray too far from the familiar Dead Rising formula. You get a new location and some new weapons but there is nothing there that is all that exciting. If you were craving more at the end of Dead Rising 2, or if you have a coop partner and just want to have fun wasting zombies for a few hours, then you won’t regret this purchase.