Plants vs Zombies - Xbox Live Arcade

I consider myself a bit of a Plants vs. Zombies connoisseur. I’ve played it on PC, MAC, iPad, and most recently, Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 iteration matches very closely with what I covered when I reviewed the PC version, which can be found here.  Since I've already gone over the core mechanics of Plants VS Zombies, I have decided to give you my opinion on differences between the main PC version, and this XBLA release, rather than reviewing them all individually.

I have logged a lot of time on each platform, I’ve seen a lot of peas going down range and have determined that though I do recommend you try Plants vs. Zombies, as it is one of the finest tower defense game I have ever played, I wouldn’t recommend experiencing it for the first time as an XBLA download. Sure, it has cool features like the Co-op Bowling, which was really fun, and you get achievements, but you don’t get the thrill, the rush of Zombie murder at the click of a finger like you do when you play it on PC. 

This game should be experienced for the first time in a dark room, just you, a glass of pop and the sweet sweet glow of your computer monitor. It should be played single player, with the control that only a mouse can deliver. Learn to love it as such and you will have no problem moving to the slightly slower version on the XBLA.

Reasons to try it on PC First:

  • Controls make more sense. Point and Click only.
  • You will read more of the witty in game banter
  • You will develop your own strategy for the break-neck pace that only the PC/Mac pace can provide.
  • Achievements can be had on Steam!
  • No second player to screw up your groove.

I did quite like some features the XBLA version has to offer, like the Co-op levels; they are exciting and challenging. When Curtis and I first played the Walnut Bowling, we almost died, and got an achievement doing so. There were also things I didn’t like. I don’t like that a second player can join at any time, even in some of the very early levels and stop a Zombie cold with a stick of Butter. Where is the fun in that? The challenge is gone! I also didn’t like the slowed pace of the XBLA version, as the early levels tend to drag on when you have already played the tutorial levels several times. I recommend you buy it! BUY IT NOW! Why haven’t you bought it yet? Get it on Steam for $9.99 and then buy it on XBLA for 1200 points.