Twisted Lands: Shadow Town - PC

Alawar Entertainment promised me an abandoned island, spooky game play and all the hidden items I could sink my teeth into. After playing the game, I can honestly recommend the $19.95 Collectors Edition for all puzzle and casual gamers alike.

The game was pretty compelling, the story is made up of macabre zombie fish things and strange puzzles with snippets of storyline here and there that made me want to come rushing home from work to play it! At one point I even got up early before work to play. I was happy collecting my breadcrumbs of information to piece together the story line. You are on a small boat that is in the Bermuda Triangle of the Mediterranean Sea. The boat capsizes and you find yourself ashore with your belongings scattered everywhere and your wife missing.

I really enjoyed the hidden object puzzles; they were tricky and enjoyable to play. With each puzzle, you receive an item for your cache of stuff and by the end of the game I was guessing the item that I was most likely to receive for my trouble. Though I enjoyed moseying around the map, I was sometimes confused as to where I should head next. Fortunately for people like myself, it was possible to skip hard puzzles and take hints. I will admit that I had to skip one very puzzling puzzle, but for the most part was able to decipher all of the riddles myself, this left me with a glorious sensation of self worth, and I definitely recommend it. 

The $19.95 price tag may seem a little pricey for the Collectors Edition, but the extra content makes it all worthwhile. The Collectors Edition comes with a built in detailed walkthrough as well as one bonus chapter. The bonus chapter is probably the most horrorific, my heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty, and it wasn’t because I had just had three jumbo sized chocolate bars. I was actually nervous that the zombie-fish would get me!

Based on this game, I am very interested to see what else Alawar can come up with and look forward to playing more games geared to casual gamers like myself. Bring on the puzzles!