Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Xbox 360

Something strange happened in the days before Medal of Honor Warfighter was released. Sites weren’t given review copies, Wal-Mart dropped the price, other outlets offered to match that price, and EB Games was willing to give buyers back almost the full price of the game were they to trade it in. Needless to say, wasn’t looking too good for this one. I won’t lie, I only picked it up because I saw the Walmart price online and thought it was a mistake, so I wanted to buy it before they corrected their error. Nope, no mistake. It’s the same price as I write almost two weeks later.

So do I regret my purchase? You know where to go to find out.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is meant to be more authentic and actually depict the soldiers who are involved in this conflict. This means in between bouts of shooting dozens of disposable bad guys, you’ll see cut scenes where the characters deal with family issues. It’s an honorable idea, but it doesn’t work here. All of the “drama” is your typical movie of the week “why are you never around!?” issues that are beyond clichéd at this point. It also didn’t help that I wasn’t able to piece together which characters are which, so I was never able to get attached to anybody. There’s a moment late game where something bad happens to a main character, but I honestly didn’t know which one it was. I actually ended up assuming it was the wrong person, lessening the drama when I found out I was wrong.

Also why do the models of the women look so...non-human? The men look fine, no real problems there. But the women look they were designed by martians who were given a basic description of what a human woman is supposed to look like. I don’t know man, it took me completely out of the story every time one of these things came on screen.

So the story isn’t too interesting but whatever, plenty of other shooters have had mediocre stories and made up for it with fantastic gameplay. Yeeeaahhh, not so much with Medal of Honor Warfighter. The one nice thing I will say is that the actual shooting does feel good. The guns have weight to them and there’s satisfaction in taking bad guys down. I don’t know if it’s the sound, which is great, but taking these dudes down feels damn good. It’s too bad everything surrounding that solid shooting is so rudimentary.

Warfighter does next to nothing that you haven’t seen in other military shooters, in fact it may do even less. This is the absolute definition of a corridor shooter. You walk through a defined path until you enter a large area, some bad guys will enter, they will pop in and out of cover until you shoot them all, then you can continue on until the sequence repeats. You will also breach doors at least 3 times per mission. You do it so often that you can unlock additional ways to breach doors, and by the end of the game you will still have seen each of them multiple times. There’s just nothing happening here.

There are a couple of driving missions, and these are probably the one other thing I would point to as a possible recommendation for playing through the campaign. The controls have a good, loose feel to them and it’s actually pretty fun driving through a market, smashing through everything in sight. These missions are short, but they’re a breath of fresh air from the standard shooting gallery stages that make-up the majority of the campaign.

Though their length is nothing compared to this one sniper mission that appears about halfway through the game. You are given the task to snipe a guy who is out on a boat. You do so, and then your achievement pops and the mission ends. It’s literally less than 2 minutes from beginning to end, likely including the initial load time. It’s actually pretty hilarious the first time.

The campaign itself is about 3-4 hours and there’s little reason to revisit it unless you are absolutely determined to beat it on the harder difficulties. There isn’t even intel to collect, which isn’t necessarily a complaint, it’s just strange. I’m so used to it in all of these games by now. So perhaps Warfighter actually does do at least one thing differently, which does result in less to do.

The multiplayer is more interesting than the single player, but only slightly, I also can’t give a lot of thoughts on it because I have only been able to successfully connect to a match a handful of times. I know many people have had no issues, but from my perspective it’s a huge bust because each time I try and connect, it tries for a few minutes and then gives me an error message. I’ve tried now on at least three separate occasions at different points in the day, but it’s happened each time. I mean the sessions I had seemed to run well. Smooth, no lag, solid online experience. As with 2010’s Medal of Honor, it’s more team focused, with no all-for one deathmatch option available. They even take this notion a step further time around with the addition of a partner that is randomly selected for you. You guys can spawn on each other, provide ammo, and you can get additional XP for working together. It’s an intriguing system that makes me feel way worse when I inevitably suck. Also it could be me but it seems as though it’s taking a while to unlock anything interesting.

So I didn’t hate Medal of Honor Warfighter, it just falls into the same league as 007 Legends as a game that is so thoroughly mediocre and by the numbers that it’s own existence is a tad pointless. You could do worse, but I mean come on you can do so so much better. Halo 4 is about 12 hours away, with Black Ops 2 following next week. There’s simply no reason you need to get this one.