Although Push was released on DVD and Bluray several weeks ago now, I've had a few people ask me if it's worth checking out. I saw this back when it was in theatres, but remember it well enough that I thought I would review it now. This is basically being done as a public service to those who are debating plunking down the cash to give this one a rent...DON'T DO IT!

The first time I saw a trailer for Push it reminded me of last years' cinematic ode to blandness, Jumper. Both are essentially origin stories for 'original' superheroes. They both contain fairly well-known actors, but not anyone that makes you stand up and take notice. They both have generic, one word titles. And they're both pretty bad movies.

A big problem with Push is something that Jumper suffered from as well. The whole thing feels much more like a set-up than an actual story. It feels like the writers intend for this to be nothing more than an origin story with the real meat of the tale coming in future franchise installments. As with Jumper, this movie probably did not perform well enough to justify a sequel, so I'm guessing we'll never actually see where this story was going to go. So I guess we're forever going to be stuck with only this part of the story, which is really too bad because it is not interesting.

At least the acting is a gigantic step-up from Jumper. It's not really that hard to do considering the star of Jumper was Mr. Hayden Christiensen (spelling could be wrong, don't care) who I don't think has done a movie since Jumper so maybe, just maybe, Hollywood has finally figured out that he has no talent. Chris Evans is still a little bland in the lead role but he's a definite step up from Hayden. It's a little weird to see a grown-up Dakota Fanning, but there's no denying she can still act and she does well. She may actually become one of those rare child actors who manages to keep working even as they get older. She can now join the ranks of ...Elijah Wood. And that's it I guess. Yay! Djimon Honsou plays the villain and actually doesn't get a whole lot to do here. He's a good actor but it almost feels like he's slumming it here. Then we have Camilla Belle, who is hot.

One thing I shoud mention is that there are a lot of plot holes in this movie, and you know they must be bad because I never take notice of those things, no matter how obvious they may sometimes be. One in particular has people all over the Internet who enjoyed the movie struggling to even explain it. I think the answer is that it just didn't make sense.

The action scenes are surprisingly few and far between. When you do get one it's never that exciting. I will say that Jumper did the better job with its action sequences, so it wins this round. Push does have a gun fight where everyone uses telekenetic powers to move all of the guns around, but I can't decide if it's the coolest thing I've ever seen, or the stupidest.

Overall Push is simply not very good. It's not engaging and is often quite boring. It has a generic plot with underwhelming action scenes and the actors' performances are merely satisfactory. It is a little too bad that we will likely never get the sequel to this as I wouldn't mind seeing where the story went since the ending sort of kicks ass. In the end though, skip it.