Knight and Day

Remember a few years back when everyone jumped on the Tom Cruise hate wagon? I never got on that wagon. I will never hop on any wagon that does not approve of the man who made Vanilla Sky and Minority Report and yes,Top Gun. Yes he has gotten up to some questionable shenanigans, but how can anyone deny that the man delivers quality movies? It’s actually surprisingly tricky to name a flat out bad Tom Cruise movie. Knight and Daydoesn’t change that, although it does make it a lot easier to name a mediocre Tom Cruise movie.

If you’ve seen the trailers you know the plot. Tom Cruise may or may not be but most likely is not a rogue agent who ends up taking Cameron Diaz along on a whirlwind adventure of gun shooting, bad green screen effects and comedic misunderstandings. It’s certainly in no way an original plot, but it’s just there to get from one action scene to the next.

If you’ve seen the trailer you’ve also seen just about everything worth seeing in the movie. It shows you all the big jokes and damn near all of the big action beats. At least with the A-Team movie there was a ton of action that the trailers never even hinted at. Here, not so much. There are a few added scenes, and of course the ones in the trailer are more fleshed out here, but so so much of it has been given away already. You have to keep some cards close to your chest Knight and Day!

The action of course is what most people will want to see the movie for, and it’s not bad. There is an eerily large amount of green screen shots that are certainly distracting, but some of the hand to hand stuff is well done and Tom Cruise can still take a motherfucker down. The problem is that none of it is all that engaging. Not to compare it again to the A-Team movie, but that one had such a sense of fun to the action that this movie, try as it might, can’t replicate. It all feels a little by the numbers and, with the possible exception of the end movie chase,  there isn’t that one action scene that you walk away thinking “oh man that was so awesome!” It’s more “well the train fight was kind of fun I guess, I don’t know.”

I’ll say this - if Tom Cruise were not in this movie, it would be a whole lot worse. He elevates the material way beyond what I’m sure it was on the page and crafts a character who is pretty entertaining to watch. He and Cameron Diaz share some pretty good chemistry but their back and forths never rose above typical sitcom material. Also to be fair, although I’m not the biggest Diaz fan, she is pretty good here, although the role doesn’t ask much of her. Speaking of which, what the hell is Peter Sarsgaard doing here? He barely plays a character, he just plays a plot device with maybe 10 minutes of screen time total. He gets to say things like “get him!” and “well where is he?!” It’s very odd that he chose to take this role.

I’m not going to fully recommend not seeing this movie, but you certainly don’t have to rush out there to watch it. It’s a fine movie, but there is nothing about it that makes it a must see. It’s almost worth it for Cruise, but there are far better movies you can watch with the man. I’d say this one is a rental.