October's Daily Horror Dose #12 - The Tall Man

Well....that wasn’t what I expected. I’ll admit I hadn’t seen much about The Tall Man besides the poster and a plot synopsis. The poster is Jessica Biel with a hooded figure standing behind her, the titular tall man who is apparently kidnapping children and Biel has got to out there and stop him. Only this isn’t really that, not at all. This barely even qualifies as a horror movie but I’m choosing to still count this since well, I don’t have another one lined up. And you know what, the sudden shift ended up being my favourite part about the movie.

The Tall Man really does start out with that concept. A bunch of kids go missing from this poverty stricken small town and a local legend starts to brew that the tall man is the one responsible for it. From there, things go places that I never expected. It’s like....ok are you one of the six people who saw last year’s Dream House with Daniel Craig? Remember how this big plot thing happened about halfway through and from there you really had no idea how the movie could continue? This is like that. The plot reveal that would normally happen at the end of a movie happens about a half hour into this one. It’s ballsy but cool, and keeps your interest because you have to know how the movie doesn’t end immediately after this happens.

This is done by the same guy who did Martyrs and you also shouldn’t go in expecting anything like that. Also you wanna see something fucked up? See Martyrs. The Tall Man is a strange follow-up to Martyrs but at least it proves he switch things up. Plus you have one of the better performances by Jessica Biel that she’s done and the fucking Cigarette Smoking Man is in this! I actually kinda thought he was dead but I’m leaning towards that not being true now.

This is definitely going to be my shortest one of these yet because I can’t detail specific moments without spoiling things. Sure I could write a spoiler filled review, but I don’t trust you enough not to read it if you haven’t seen the movie. If you’re not going to watch it then you can look it up elsewhere but I won’t be the one to ruin it. I’ll leave that to assholes on Youtube or IMDB who are so offended that this isn’t the movie they expected they have taken it upon themselves to spoil it for everyone else.

You know what, lets talk a bit more about that for a second. Now I feel the IMDB boards are one of the worst places you can go to talk about movies. You can go ahead and pick any movie you can think of, and I guarantee you there is a topic about how it’s the worst movie anyone has ever seen because “oh my gd it sux!” These boards also seem to be the ultimate proof that people need to have shit completely spelled out for them. You know how you’ll often see a trailer and think “Well Jesus they just showed the entire movie.” They do that because of these people. Because if you don’t, they will turn around and start screaming about how they were duped and manipulated and other sorts of over dramatic shit. Go check out the Looper board. People went in expecting something, got something else, so they hate it. Whatever happened to wanting to be surprised?! I loved Looper BECAUSE it went places I wasn’t expecting. It seems audiences prefer to have everything spelled out for them now. Personally I blame that idiot who sued the movie Drive.

...Anyway Tall Man is pretty good. I might be hyping it up a little too much, it’s merely a decent movie, not a great one. But come on how often do you get to watch a movie where you have no clue where things are going? That alone makes me want to recommend this one. Just you know, don’t trust any of the trailers or posters or promos or synopses or anything you see about this movie. They are lying to you.