October's Daily Horror Dose 2: Resurrection - Day #30 - The Evictors

Alas today’s review is likely going to be pretty short because I honestly don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. Plus my god this is the 30th one of these I’ve done in a row so don’t I deserve a bit of a break?

The Evictors came packaged along with the bluray of The Town That Dreaded Sundown that I picked up earlier this year. I think this may be the first time the movie has been released on DVD so apparently it’s a pretty big deal. I didn’t expect too much since my assumption was that Shout Factory felt it wasn’t worthy of its own release so they piggy backed it onto a different movie, even if it is done by the same director.

Turns out it’s a decent, if perhaps unremarkable, little thriller.

Like The Town that Dreaded Sundown (these last couple of days have led to a lot of “the shit that did shit” typing on my part), this is one is based on a true story though I haven’t done any research into just how accurate that claim really is. A couple moves into a new home and quickly start to learn from the local townsfolk that the house has some bloody history. Several stories of the murders that have taken place there are told, and shown to us in black and white. Or like brown. Like if you put an old west filter on your phone.

Huh. You know there’s another similarity to yesterday’s review. Another movie where people into a home and then are told about the murderous history there. This one also has people being stalked by a guy who is kind of doofy looking, so there you go.

It doesn’t take long before the main girl, Ruth, starts to wonder if there is someone stalking them and lurking inside their home. Her suspicious are confirmed when in the movie’s most unsettling scene, she watches as a man emerges from the top of her staircase and begins to pursue her. From here, stalking is done, twists are had, and a surprisingly depressing ending rears its head.

It’s a very simple plot but it’s well told and has some well-done sequences, the highlight being the one I just mentioned with the staircase. Even if the guy is a little goofy looking, just about anyone is threatening when they’re walking around the top floor of your house. Except maybe Shia Labeouf, you’d just tell him to fuck off and he’d hang his head and walk away. There’s always something unsettling about a stranger being in your home, and this movie makes good use of that.

The performances are also much better than I expected. The main couple, played by Jessica Harper and a young Michael Parks, make a likable pair who is easy to root for. Have I ever mentioned that I respect horror movies that star an older married couple who actually love each other? They always have to be having problems or on a break or some shit, so it’s almost a breath of fresh air to have a couple who is just happy.

There isn’t really any gore or kills, outside of the flashbacks which do have a couple of intense moments. This one is all about tension and suspense and while it’s not going to have you hiding your eyes or any such thing, it’s well put together and makes for an entertaining, though occasional slow ride.

So there you have it, The Evictors, decent stuff. One more to go! And I already know what it is! So yay! Then I’m going to watch nothing but comedies for a year because I am so burnt out on the horror genre that I want to cry.