Shawn's Top 30 Films - #13: Anchorman

Very few movies can claim to have made me laugh until I was scared I may never stop. This is one of them. Add to the fact I was eating a delicious Twix bar at the time and I was borderline frightened of an actual choking related death. However I walked away safely and Anchorman has gone on to solidify itself as one of my favourite comedies, and apparently overall movies, of all time.

I know it’s not for everyone but this movie just hits the notes perfectly for me. It’s a terrific blend of great one-liners and batshit insane situations, with all concept of reality tossed out almost immediately. The cast is fantastic and the cameo parade almost never stops. It’s kind of crazy that the sequel is only a few weeks away and while no matter what it won’t taint my thoughts on the original, it’s got a whole lot to live up to.