Shawn's Top 30 Films - #25: Clerks

I don’t know if it’s because like Kevin Smith there was a time (and it still somewhat holds true) where I really wanted to make movies, or because I can really relate to the shitty people you have to deal with when working at a movie rental store, but I really dig Clerks. I guess it could also be that it’s really funny and good. Yeah it’s probably mostly that last thing.

Kevin Smith doesn’t always make it easy to like him but his debut is a classic in my eyes (and I have quite an affinity for Mallrats as well for the record). It has a great script at the centre that was incredibly easy for me to relate to and while my position in life is very different now, I can still appreciate it. The characters are memorable and the movie isn’t afraid to go to some pretty fucked up places. I still go back to this one every couple of years and it always delivers. BERZERKER!