Shawn's Top 30 Films - #26: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

That’s right. Not only is one of my favourite movies a Friday the 13th movie, but one of the sequels. And a later sequel at that! This is the first entry on the list that I feel I should really explain.

Back in the summer of ’98 I decided to get more into the horror genre and I jumped straight in by buying a VHS copy of this movie. Then I decided to check out the rest of the Friday movies. Then the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Then the Halloween movies. And so on. In fact, the majority of that summer was spent renting horror movies from the local rental place that clearly didn’t care I was far too young to watch these movies. My friends and I would stay up all night watching them, often while at a cottage, so even better! It was a fantastic summer and thanks to this movie, the horror genre was opened to me.

So yes a lot of this movie’s appeal to me is nostalgia but I can still watch it today and enjoy the hell out of it. Besides, it’s not the 30 best movies, its my 30 personal favourites, so y’all can eat a dick!