Shawn's Top 30 Films - #27: Minority Report

I have never jumped on the Tom Cruise hate train. Do I agree with the man’s politics? I do not. But I certainly can’t deny that the man makes movies that entertain the hell out of me. It is seriously hard for me to name a Cruise movie that I feel is bad. Knight and Day. Ok so it’s not that hard but if I had to name five it would take me way longer!

Minority Report is definitely up there amongst his best….clearly since I put it on this list. The idea of the movie, stopping crimes before they happen, is handled very well with each side of the argument well represented. The action is non-stop and it all happens within one of the best sci-fi worlds that has ever been realized. This movie also shaped the way every human being on the planet wants computers to work. Sure the final 20 minutes aren’t the best, but for me it doesn’t taint any of the greatness that comes before it.

Also if you’re like me and can’t get enough of Tom Cruise running, this will be like porn for you.