Shawn's Top 30 Films - #28: A Nightmare on Elm Street

I was going to put the series as a whole but apparently that’s cheating and also I only really like a few of them, with the others ranging from entertaining to kind of terrible. There was no way this series wasn’t going to be represented on this list and while I may be the most entertained by Nightmare 3, there’s no denying the first is the best film. It has a genius concept (dude kills dudes in their dreams, sometimes makes silly jokes) and executes on it terrifically. It gave birth to one of the most memorable horror villains, still holds up as being a genuinely scary movie and is full of iconic scenes and moments. You also get the debut performance of Mr. Johnny Depp, which means we can thank this movie for Edward Scissorhands and also be pissed at it for Alice in Wonderland. Still though, an undeniable classic!

Just don’t watch the remake. Oh dear GOD, please don’t watch the remake.