Shawn's Top 30 Films - #3: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I’m not sure what it says about the state of cinema that the most recent movie on my list is still 10 years old at this point. Although if you look at the calibre of films on this list, it would be damn hard for any movie to smash its way in here. Without going into details, I first saw this movie at the perfect time where the subject matter of erasing the memories of a past relationship really hit home (actually those are still pretty clear details so nevermind). It’s such a unique idea and it manages to present this potentially confusing and muddled concept in a way that’s straight-forward and relatable. The central performances are great with Jim Carrey once again proving he can do drama just as well as comedy. It’s always refreshing when a truly unique film comes along, especially when it’s as fantastic as this one.