Shawn's Top 30 Films - #4: Back to the Future

Holy crap I never post the final 4! Well I'm only like 9 months late so here we go!

To this day I have never met a single human being who doesn’t love Back to the Future and I have to believe such a person does not exist. If they do, I have no interest in meeting them because to me this is the most likable movie that has ever existed. It has one of the tightest screenplays ever written, full of memorable characters, quotable dialogue and one iconic moment after another. Also Huey Lewis! It all comes together and works terrifically at hiding the fact that the core story is actually really creepy and could make for a really fucked up indie drama. Thankfully they didn’t go that route here and we have one of the best comedies ever made and the rare 80’s movie that is not dated in the slightest.