October's Daily Horror Dose 3: Reckoning - Day #25 - Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

My god there are six Wrong Turn movies. Six! The Wrong Turn franchise has made it up to its sixth installment! Even crazier is that I have actually seen every one of them. Let me break down my thoughts real quick since I have never actually talked about any of them on the site before. My thoughts on each Wrong Turn movie are as follows: 1 – decent enough, watchable, love me some Eliza Dushku 2 – slightly more enjoyable than the first, 3 – slightly less enjoyable than the first, 4 – I have no memories of this one so that doesn’t bode well for it, 5 – ugly, ugly movie with few redeeming qualities. So there you have it. Outside of the second movie I don’t have a whole lot of love for this franchise. Wrong Turn 6 does not change that although I will say it’s amongst the better entries in the series.

So here we have this guy Danny, emotionally disturbed dude, who is accompanied by his girlfriend and a group of his friends to this old hotel in the woods that may help to explain some of the history of his family. Mostly what this hotel does though is contain a bunch of fucked up rich people and murderous rednecks who are continuing their stabbing and cannibalistic ways. There’s actually a surprising amount of story here, more than I would have expected. It’s not a particularly good story but I will certainly commend them for trying to tell an actual story when most of the Wrong Turn movies amount to nothing more than “Welcome to the woods! Murder!”

It would seem these are indeed the same redneck, mutant murderers as in the previous films so I will say that it’s slightly impressive they are maintaining even some semblance of a continuing plot. The only other horror movie series I can think of that still kept the same characters around for this many entries is SAW, a collection of movies I really need to write about one day.

I think it’s fair to say that the Wrong Turn movies are primarily known for having heaping amounts of gore and from what I can remember of the other movies, this one may have the least amount of it, outside of a couple particularly gruesome sequences. For the most part the deaths are pretty quick and to the point, largely involving arrows or stabs to the head. One kill involving barbed wire and especially another involving a fire hose are easily the two stand-outs, the latter being more darkly amusing than genuinely gross. Overall though if you’re coming to this one to get your gore on, you will likely leave disappointed.

However, if you’re coming to this one to get your sex on then you will leave highly satisfied. My god are there ever a lot of people doin’ it in this movie. It’s crazy. I bet you 15 minutes never goes by in this movie without a scene of people boning. I easily saw more boobs in this one movie than during all of the other movies this month combined. Granted sex does play a huge role in the plot so it’s to be expected but there is still an astoundingly high level of fuckin’ in this film.

The characters and acting are about what you expect – passable to poor. The girl playing one of the hotel owners is particularly bad, everyone else is mostly just ok. I gave the movie credit for trying to tell a story and while it has some potential, the problem is this story is happening with a lot of uninteresting of people at its core. You’re supposed to be invested in the journey and transformation Danny is going through but I just couldn’t be. The dude is kind of a dick I’m afraid and I really wasn’t too invested in anything happening to him. The one character I had some sympathy for was his girlfriend but all of the friends are stock characters who are just here to get killed. Yes that is typical for a slasher movie but when you put the emphasis on story rather than the slasher kills, you need to make sure you have the characters to back it up but Wrong Turn 6 simply does not.

Also while the gore effects were mostly pretty solid, the make-up on the killers seemed especially poor. It looked like one small step above Value Village Halloween masks. It was very plastic-y and fake, especially on the main one of the group. It was distracting and gave everything a pretty low rent feel. Oh and the movie is not scary at all, so there’s that.

I didn’t hate Wrong Turn 6 but there wasn’t enough to pull me in either. The gore is pretty lackluster for the most part, the plentiful sex scenes get repetitive and the story telling attempts suffer due to weak characters and often uninteresting writing. It’s certainly a step in the right direction after Parts 4 and 5, and it’s just enough to peak my interest in watching part 7 when it doubt is released around this time next year.