October's Daily Horror Dose 4: Retaliation- Day #7 - Honeymoon

Well…that was unexpected.

I saw Honeymoon while browsing through Netflix and thought I remembered hearing positive things about it around this time last year. Plus again, it was short and I needed a movie and since that seems to be the #1 criteria a movie needs to meet to make it into this marathon, I fired it up. What a strange piece of business this movie turned out to be.

The set-up is certainly nothing original. A newlywed couple (the opening sequence is their wedding video and I started to become very afraid this was another found footage movie, thankfully that is not the case) heads out to an isolated cabin on the lake in order to celebrate their honeymoon. I should look up their names actually. Bea and Paul! Boom! Researched! So Bea and Paul are having a grand ole time, riding around in a boat and having sex and stuff, when all of a sudden one night Bea heads off into the woods alone. Paul goes searching for her and eventually finds her naked and disoriented. So that’s never good and things only get worse from there as Bea begins to exhibit stranger and stranger behavior. Obviously I’m not going to give away the resolution but its…its quite something.

This is almost entirely a two character piece, with only a couple of other characters receiving any amount of screen time outside of Bea and Paul. That’s a tough gig but the actors are up for it and deliver very engaging performances, particularly Rose Leslie as Bea. She gets to run the full spectrum of emotions in this thing and she is very impressive. Harry Treadaway (I still have the IMDB page open so I may as well get as much information from possible from it while it’s there) as Paul largely plays confused or angry but he does a damn fine job of both.

Honeymoon is a movie that people will find either an effective slow burn, or a complete bore. Except I will immediately kill that theory by saying that I found it to fall somewhere in the middle. The couple is likable but I didn’t find them engaging enough to want to spend that initial half hour with them as they simply enjoy their honeymoon. The middle chunk of the movie definitely was the stand-out for me. The mystery surrounding Rose’s behavior is an intriguing one and it’s executed well. She doesn’t go full crazy, but instead her bizarre actions are out there enough to be concerned, but still within reason that you think maybe there actually isn’t something wrong.

I mean there is. There really fucking is. But again, I can’t say it. The final act is a mixed bag. A bunch of real insane stuff happens that I certainly didn’t see coming, so I can appreciate that. It’s not predicable, I’ll absolutely give it that. The problem is a large portion of this section is Paul yelling at Bea to tell him what’s wrong and what is happening, and her not doing so. It’s an extended interrogation that goes on a little long. Thankfully some bananas stuff is right around the corner, so that helps.

Honeymoon is certainly worth a watch, assuming you are ready to stomach some….happenings. Two strong central performances help make up for some slow patches and the generic story takes some unexpected paths. It’s a good watch that I doubt will blow anyone’s mind. Except this dude on IMDB who said it blew his mind. The rest of your minds should remain in tact.